LeetCode 数据库面试题 – 交换工资(Swap Salary)

用一条 UPDATE 语句,在不使用中间临时表的情况下,将 salary 表中 sex 的值反转。


Given a table salary, such as the one below, that has m=male and f=female values. Swap all f and m values (i.e., change all f values to m and vice versa) with a single update query and no intermediate temp table.

For example:

id name sex salary
1 A m 2500
2 B f 1500
3 C m 5500
4 D f 500

After running your query, the above salary table should have the following rows:

id name sex salary
1 A f 2500
2 B m 1500
3 C f 5500
4 D m 500


UPDATE salary 
    sex = IF(sex='f', 'm', 'f');


UPDATE salary 
    sex = CASE sex 
        WHEN 'f' THEN 'm' 
        ELSE 'f'